About Us

Leading UK mediators. Core was founded in 2000 by John Sturrock KC and has grown over the intervening years to become Scotland’s leading business mediation service, pioneering a new direction in commercial dispute resolution and problem-solving – and in how we deal with differences generally. We seek to be at the heart of, and to help shape, that new direction in Scotland and elsewhere. We work throughout the UK and Europe.

Core has been recognised for its leadership role and the excellence of its services in regular press coverage and awards and is increasingly involved in policy development as decision-makers come to appreciate the value of modern approaches to problem-solving. We aim to make a difference.

We offer:

  • Independence: Core provides the leading independent commercial mediation service in Scotland, standing comparison with the best in Europe.
  • Quality: Our mediators are experienced and well trained professionals, enhanced by our outstanding international connections.
  • Innovation: Core’s focus is on working with clients and advisers to design the most effective process to optimise the prospects of a speedy and successful outcome.
  • Experience: Core’s expertise, credibility, competence and leadership in the field are well recognised and underpin all that we do.
  • Confidence: Our team offers friendly, ongoing administrative and logistical support throughout the process from the first contact onwards.
  • Excellence: A comprehensive service which makes a difference.

Vision and Values

Customer Focus

We will always listen to and work with those who use or might wish to use our services; we will seek to address concerns quickly and to learn from what customers tell us.


We seek to use creative, imaginative and innovative best practices to build a pre-eminent business based on excellence and independence.
Engagement, enthusiasm, encouragement and energy underpin our approach to our work – with vision, focus and top-class delivery being the hallmarks of our success.


Relationships, respect for others, honesty, trustworthiness and good humour are important to us in what we do; collaboration, communication, co-operation, consensus and concern for others are integral to how we approach our services.


Our objective is to make a difference. We aim to add value as we seek to help people, organisations and businesses to deal with differences and difficult situations and to cope with change; and we aspire to be influential in the development of new ideas in Scotland and elsewhere.


For us, it is important to embody what we stand for; to walk the talk and to model what we recommend to others; and to seek to demonstrate consistency with our basic values in all we do.


Making profit is an important enabler, but not an end in itself. We will offer support to not for profit initiatives which are consistent with the Core vision and values. We recognise that we need to help to build a sustainable future in which we seek to preserve our limited resources.


If you have any concerns about the service provided by Core or by any of our mediators, facilitators, trainers or coaches, please contact either John Sturrock as soon as convenient or telephone 0131 524 8188 or send an email to Enquiries@core-solutions.com

We undertake to address your concerns as soon as we reasonably can and to discuss with you any issues which you wish to raise. If it is not possible to resolve matters by discussion, we undertake to engage an independent mediator or facilitator to help to address matters in a constructive way and to explore the most appropriate way to achieve a solution.

Click here to download our formal Concerns or Complaints Procedure.

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