John Sturrockâ??s article in The Scotsman about how we might conduct a civil and civilised debate about Scotlandâ??s future has attracted a lot of comment. His 8 point Protocol for Respectful Dialogue has caused people in organisations, public sector bodies and business to consider whether they might also adopt this for their own purposes. At least two law firms have adopted a re-worded, flexible version for use in a non-political context; as has the Scottish Universities Insight Initiative – read

Here is the re-worded version for use in a non-political context:

â??We [, the signatories to this Protocol,] agree that it is in the interests of our [business, organisation, employees, and those with whom we contract/do business] that all communications are conducted civilly and with dignity. Therefore, we agree to:

listen carefully to all points of view and seek fully to understand what concerns and motivates those with differing views from our own;

acknowledge that there are many points of view and that these have validity alongside our own;

show respect and courtesy to all individuals and organisations with which we have dealings;

express our own views clearly and honestly with transparency about our motives and our interests;

use language carefully and avoid personal or other remarks which might cause unnecessary offence;

ask questions if we do not understand what others are saying or proposing;

respond to questions asked of us with clarity and openness;

support what we say with clear and credible information wherever that is available.â??

Let us know if you or your organisation might consider using this. We know that the next stage is to implement this – to be the change we want to see in the world, or at least that part which we can influence…..

We are now gathering names in support of the Protocol and are greatly encouraged by the response so far. Please click
here to add your name…

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