Core Chairing

The Problem?

Differences can quickly escalate into disputes. Disputes can lead to ongoing conflict. It is easy for that conflict to become polarised and prolonged.

Prolonged disputes and conflict can be costly, in money, time, lost opportunities, management distraction, loss of morale and risk to reputation.

Sometimes, it can be useful to sit down and identify what the real issues are, understand the other person’s (or people’s) objectives, enhance communication, seek to narrow the differences and find common ground in business and other relationships.

But it is often not easy to do that on your own or without some assistance from an independent third party.

 The Solution?

Core offers a 3 hour confidential, facilitated meeting for those seeking to deal with difficult situations in the boardroom, management or elsewhere, with a view to helping them to find common ground, narrow issues and avoid ongoing conflict – and to discuss the best way to move forward.

Core’s experienced mediators and facilitators are available to assist as independent chairs at short notice.

We are pleased to offer an initial telephone consultation to discuss this option, free of charge.

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