At our hugely enjoyable 10th anniversary dinner recently, attended by nearly 130 guests, Core launched its new book Thinking Differently: Making a Difference using Mediation.

The book has been well received already. It is full of ideas and reflections on how mediation works across many fields and how it might be used more widely in the future. It also reflects the personal journeys of a significant group of individuals.

Jim Mather, Minister for Enterprise, Energy, and Tourism, who gave an inspiring address at our dinner, says in his introduction to the book:

"Mediation offers society and business a different way of doing things, which reflects values of co-operation and collaboration, rather than winning and losing, and which sustains long-term positive and productive interaction amongst people in families, communities and businesses."

William Ury, co-author of Getting to Yes, sets out a challenge:

"The challenge now for Scotland as a country is to use its place in the world to increase our understanding of what mediators and other Third Siders can do."

Ken Cloke reflects on the role of mediators in the aftermath of environmental disasters like the Gulf Oil spill:

"Core has….recognised its larger responsibility, broadened its reach, and as a result, contributed significantly to improving the acceptability and understanding of conflict resolution both in Scotland and in the global community of conflict resolvers."

The historic Scottish role in promoting ideas is captured by Michael Leathes:

"Now what Scotland can do, if it reaches for it, is to take the vacant global centre stage in conflict resolution."

To read more, or to find out how to purchase the book, see:
Thinking Differently: Making a Difference using Mediation

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