Module 3: Practice Day and Assessment

Core’s Flagship Mediation Training Course:
Module 3 (Assessment)

A warm welcome to Module 3 of the course. On this webpage you will find the information and resources you’ll find helpful as you prepare for the assessment.  

Flipchart notes |  John’s slides (Note: these are for your personal use only)

Course Participant Biographies

Venue: Module 3 will take place at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, 16 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SU.

Dress code: Business attire

Practice Day: 16 May 2018

You will find detailed instructions for the Practice Day, together with the general instructions for the case studies, here

Assessment Module: Thursday 17 and Friday 18 May 2018

Please read the following general instructions for the case studies in advance of the assessment. We will have hard copies of the general instructions available, so there is no need to print unless you wish to.

Thursday 17 May 2018: 
General Instructions: ODL and Alpha 
General Instructions: Black and Anytown NHS

Friday 18 May 2018:
General Instructions: Ace Biogen Limited
General Instructions: Block and Simeon

The role allocations for both assessment days can be viewed here.

You will find detailed instructions for the Assessment Module here

Please also read the Assessment Criteria with details of the assessment process and the Post Course Assignment Notes.


  • John Sturrock: The course is led by John who, as the founder and CEO of Core, has pioneered mediation and high quality training in business, the professions and commerce in Scotland and elsewhere. 
  • Liz Rivers: One of the first people in the UK to become an accredited mediator, Liz has been mediating for nearly 20 years and a trainer of mediation skills since 1993. 
  • Charlie Woods: Formerly Director of Strategy and Chief Economist at Scottish Enterprise and now executive director of the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. 
  • Hugh Donald: Hugh, formerly Chief Executive and Chairman of a leading Scottish legal firm, is a coach, mediator, and facilitator.

Module 2: Building Mediator Competence

Core’s Flagship Mediation Training Course:
Module 2


Venue: Modules 2 and 3 will take place at Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, 16 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SU. Click here for more information on directions and parking. 

Dress Code: Business casual

In preparation, please complete the two exercises on page 56 of your course workbook.

Please also read the following general instructions for the case studies in advance of the course. 

Thursday 26 April 2018:
General Instructions: Frances MacGuire & Dr Giles 
General Instructions: Cower and 3WPageniks Ltd 

Friday 27 April 2018:
General Instructions: Paula Radley and City Leisure

We will have copies of the general instructions available at the course.

Role allocations for Thursday 26 April
Role allocations for Friday 27 April

Core's Residential Summer School 2017: Using Mediation Skills as a Leader


We look forward to welcoming you on the course. The Summer School will start with refreshments and registration on Sunday, 3 September at 4.30pm. Please check in after 4pm. The dress code is casual! Further information and details can be found below.

Flipchart Notes and Slides

You can view the compendium of flipchart notes here.The abbreviated slides from the Summer School can be found here.

Case Studies & Workbook 

You can download and view the Summer School workbook here. It is provided for your use only and not for further circulation. A hard copy of the workbook will be distributed on the first day of the Summer School. 

The contents of the workbook should be self-explanatory.  It contains a lot of information about and preparation for the summer school, including the timetable. There is also a copy of the assessment criteria together with details of the post course assignment for those undertaking the further module in October and the assessment module in November.

Please note that full commitment is required each day to support colleagues and enable progression through the stages.

Please download for your use the following General Instructions for the case studies in advance of the Summer School:

We will have some copies of the general instructions available at the Summer School, as we understand that many of you will use electronic versions and we encourage this to reduce printing.

Pre-Course Preparation

In preparation, could you please complete the various pre-course and pre-first day exercises within the workbook?

You may also find it helpful to read through the resources which can be found below.


Click here for details of the venue, the lovely Norton House Hotel. Parking is available at the venue and you can view the address and a map here


Read the Summer School programme (excerpted from the workbook) here.

Workshop Allocations

The role allocations for the workshops on days 2, 3 & 4 can be viewed here.

NB: We will distribute hard copies of all private instructions for the individual roles at the Summer School. For those cases in which you are playing roles other than mediator, we will normally issue private instructions for roles on the day before the workshops. This will avoid you being overwhelmed with paper and potentially confused in your preparation. In the cases, please note that names can be changed to accommodate the gender of the role player! Don’t worry too much about this. All will become clear when we get going!

Reading List 

Core’s list of recommended books

Summer School Participants 

Course Participant Biographies | Course Leaders biographies

Useful Resources 

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