The Royal Society of Edinburgh has launched the report on its 18-month inquiry into climate change and how to break the barriers to a low-carbon Scotland. In my capacity as independent facilitator of the 2020 Climate Change Delivery Group here in Scotland, I am interested in its findings.

Firstly, go to the weblink ( and view the great short video devised by the Leith Agency. The report is also found here.

I am struck by the report’s emphasis on collaboration, between civic society, the state and the market. There is a plea for courageous political and other leadership. And leadership by example – what does this really mean for CEOs and politicians?

A big question is how to have the necessary conversations, to achieve the real public engagement and involvement required of all sectors of society. This may also be about confidence. Although the evidence is stark and overwhelming that man-made activity is a significant cause of climate change, many people have lost confidence in the scientific arguments as a result of the often successfully presented counter-arguments by those identified as climate sceptics.

And we still need to face up to the big question of whether we are willing to change our consumption-based lifestyles to accommodate the reality of limited resources……..

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