When we launched the Core project a decade ago, it was with hope and a vision, and a touch of boldness too. Then, we were thinking ahead to that first mediation, then the first five or ten, and we would speculate about reaching fifty.

We could see the potential for training too and for conflict management and negotiation skills to be more prominent, in firms, in organisations and in business and the public sector. But it was all in the future.

In the intervening years, the sense of a journey has been very real. The road less travelled is as good a description as any.

Here we are, 400 mediations later, and we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. The road still leads on before us. Where will it take us in the next ten years? Part of the answer will be found in the 30+ chapters of our anniversary book to be published in January, in which our contributors are really opening up the possibilities for mediationâ??s future…

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