I commend the book Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley. It is one of those books the title of which might seem off-putting, but which captures well the phenomenal changes in the world of business and communications, especially social media, in recent years.

It is full of practical tips for developing a business and getting ideas across to the market. Its emphasis on being very clear about your micro-niche and service-offering is obvious but often overlooked.

The book prompts questions such as:


•What do we do?

•Why do we do it?

•What do we do that no-one else does?

•What is our specific micro-niche?

•How do we add value where no-one else can?

•What is special about what we do/offer/deliver?

•What problem(s)/frustration(s) do we address?

•How do we do so?

•How can we make our service even better?


All worthy of a thoughtful answer!

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