We are putting the finishing touches to the case study for our Master Class on 20 January.

I came across a story in the New York Times (one of the many benefits of an iPad!) about the extraction of rare earth minerals in China. Apparently they produce over 90% of these minerals which are essential for computers, smart phones, missiles and new cars. The US and Japan, for example, are very dependent on them.

The Chinese have reduced exports recently and there is real concern over their (apparent) ability to hold the West to ransom. The Chinese have their own explanations of course including serious environmental issues.

Anyway, this has provided material for a really good three-party negotiation with all the usual elements of positions, interests, potential conflict, game playing, posturing, language, culture and so on. We are going to use this at the Master Class to give participants the opportunity to practice skills and strategies in a fascinating setting. We’ll punctuate the practical sessions with high-level contributions on topics including:

–  Key Elements of Effective Negotiation
–  Negotiating Styles
–  Game Theory and Preparation
–  Dealing with Difficult People and Emotions
–  The Importance of Perception
–  Intelligent Inquiry – Getting Under the Surface
–  Internal Dynamics and Assessing Risks
–  Breaking Deadlock and Going to the Balcony
–  Building a Golden Bridge and Writing the Victory Speech

I think it promises to be a really good day!

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