John Sturrock was recently featured in Who’s Who Legal: Mediation, in which he is listed as one of the world’s leading mediators, discussing recent developments in the market, the changing nature of cases and the future of mediation: Here is an excerpt: (full text here)

What factors do you consider make a successful mediator?

Ability to build rapport with parties quickly and effectively, and to show empathy with them while remaining impartial at all times. Being both approachable and robust while staying optimistic throughout the process. A combination of directness and rigour in getting to the heart of the issues, with a genuine respect, empathy and warmth for those involved. Being engaged and committed, and not afraid to give a steer to the negotiations. Having a good knowledge of background law can really help and also a good understanding of commercial factors – and a good commercial manner with parties. An ability to “read” a case and an ability to identify instinctively the right approach to handling the mediation. An ability to quickly focus on critical issues and to convey complex material in a simple manner, with skill in pulling together widely disparate threads and knowing when and how to take matters forward. Adaptability to fit the dynamic of the particular dispute and the style/personalities of the parties and their advisers. Awareness of the dynamics of the lawyer/client relationship and understanding of the pressures for advisers, particularly with a challenging client. Remaining in contact with parties after the mediation day to assist them in reaching an agreement if necessary.

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