The Output Paper reporting on Core’s involvement in the Scottish Government’s pilot project on mediation in planning has now been published:

It is good to see progress being made in this important area. Mediation offers much to assist speedier and more constructive progress in the planning system.

There are many encouraging learning points including:

  • Building of trust, understanding, confidence, shared voice: "the mediation was a landmark event"
  • Importance of an independent and skilled mediator, preparation, support and time
  • Earlier decision-making: "we overcame a range of problems in 8 hours which could have taken more than 2 years."

The potential to use mediation across the whole planning system is recognised as is the flexibility of the process, from formal to informal, involving facilitation as well as more structured approaches. Timing is discussed: often mediating at an early stage will be best, for example at the pre-application consultation stage.

The 3 case examples are also written up and available on the website. These give full details of how the mediations were conducted and the reactions of participants. There is some really good stuff there!

Mediation in Planning: A Short Guide was recently published in England. It makes direct reference to the Scottish Guide which was prepared by Core – click here to read.

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