Find the resolution you need with Core Mediation. Core provides a comprehensive mediation service for those who wish to manage and resolve their differences or disputes quickly and effectively. We work in Scotland, the UK and beyond.

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To arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion, please telephone 0131 524 8188 or send an email to

Where We Help

The best intervention you can find with the UK’s leading mediators. Our mediators’ skills are called upon in a variety of situations, including:

  • commercial, professional and public sector disputes which have reached, or are heading towards, litigation
  • workplace, organisational, board-room and management differences disputes or differences in, or involving, professional practices and services
  • contracts and multi-agency projects where early and continuing facilitation is beneficial
  • deals, partnerships, joint ventures and business activities where relationships or working arrangements may be difficult

Core has extensive experience in helping people to deal with difficult situations in a wide range of industries, projects, professions and disciplines in Scotland and elsewhere.

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