Construction and Engineering

Core has mediated in many construction and engineering differences. Such commercial disputes often involve multiple parties, and can be acrimonious and contentious. Mediation offers a way to cut through complexity, reduce cost and manage risk.

We have mediated in disputes relating to major infrastructure projects, motorways, transport, housing, commercial buildings, renewable energy, a prestigious cultural centre and an iconic, unique engineering structure. Clients include developers, employers, individuals, professional consultants, sub-contractors and others.

Issues covered include:

contractual differences and breaches
project management
allegations of professional negligence
communication and management at the early stages of a construction project
compensation and damages claims
restoration of commercial relationships
PPP arrangements and disputes
sub-contractor, consultant and supply chain issues

Click here to download Kings College Research on "The Use of Mediation in Construction Disputes."

Core’s involvement is not limited to disputes that have reached the later stages of confrontation or litigation. Clients regularly use our commercial mediators to resolve differences as they arise or before they escalate – removing the time and expense of an ongoing dispute. Project management can include real time resolution using a retained project mediator.

Business mediation can be a more effective way to address difficult situations than either adjudication or arbitration. As one lead negotiator said to his opposite number at the conclusion of a complex dispute where the contractors still had to work together: "As important as the outcome is that we now understand where you are coming from."

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