Corporate and Commercial

Many of Core’s mediations deal with corporate and commercial issues.

We frequently become involved in disputes and differences between parties who have an ongoing commercial relationship. An increasing number of businesses welcome ‘deal mediation’ – where mediation can help them negotiate their commercial arrangements at an early stage. Some need to sort out a particular difference when it arises. Others need to avoid the cost and time of litigation – or bring to an end a long-running dispute in the courts.

Mediation offers the opportunity to explore the underlying commerical and personal issues, identify the concerns and reasons for breakdown, reach a better understanding of what has occurred, examine the options for creatively dealing with the situation and make decisions which assist in moving on with business. Nearly all commercial problems which are mediated lead to a satisfactory resolution.

Our clients include banks, insurers and other financial institutions, construction companies, major organisations, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Issues covered include:

allegations of breach of contract
performance of services and professional obligations
intellectual property rights
recovery of corporate debt
insolvency and other financial difficulties
ongoing supplier and sub-contractor relationships
boardroom decision-making
management and employment problems

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