Employment and Workplace

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Many of Core’s mediations and facilitations involve employment and other workplace-related disputes.

Research shows that the cost and impact of disputes at work can be radically reduced if the dispute is mediated in the early stages. Mediation allows employers and employees, managers and teams, to address difficult situations speedily and constructively. Often, creative outcomes are achieved, with a restoration of working relationships or some other solution to help parties to move forward and achieve closure and certainty.

Many workplace mediations have arisen out of grievance, disciplinary and complaints procedures and have resulted in resolution of difficult situations which otherwise would have been dealt with in the Employment Tribunal or in court.

Our clients include public sector employers, financial services companies, universities and other higher education institutions, major corporate bodies and plc’s, small and medium sized businesses, not for profit organisations and partnerships and firms in many professions, in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. Union officials are regularly involved.

Issues covered include:

breach of contract
equal pay
harassment and bullying 
grievances and complaints
difficulties within teams
tension at senior management level
employee/employer disputes
board level dissatisfaction
breakdown between business owners or directors
dissatisfaction with customer relations 
difficulties in partnership working at the highest executive levels

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