Family Separation and Divorce

Business people will often seek to resolve their private family differences in the same way as they approach business, by looking for ways of proceeding which are confidential, rigorous and effective.  Core’s approach to mediation is often regarded as an effective way of achieving this, especially in high net worth matters. Our mediators have considerable experience of these delicate situations.

Mediation enables conversations to take place that people may have been unable to hold and fosters a different way of thinking and talking about sensitive and difficult matters. With its relatively informal, quick, forward-looking and cost-effective approach to resolving issues, mediation has considerable potential to assist in resolution of difficult family matters. These will include:

financial arrangements on separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnerships
breakdown of cohabiting relationships and other situations of breakdown in family relationships
arrangements for children

In some situations, families have broader business issues or concerns – see our page on Family and Business Partnerships.

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