Government, Local Authorities and Other Public Bodies

Core is regularly involved in helping to address disputes in the public sector.

Mediation is ideal for resolving differences in this area, particularly in a time of economic pressure and when publicly funded bodies are seeking to manage costs. The creative solutions available through mediation also help to keep relationships intact – a significant advantage where the parties with a dispute may be bound together in departments or other close associations.

Users of Core’s mediation services include government, local authorities, the health sector and higher education bodies, together with individuals and organisations who are in engaged with the public sector.

 Issues covered include:

differences at senior employee and management level
delivery of key services
inter-departmental conflicts
procurement issues
funding of projects using public money
workplace and employment issues
infrastucture and transport initiatives
damages claims
equal pay disputes 
allegations of discrimination and bullying
negligence actions
delivery of services
competing strategies and conflicting priorities


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