Health Services

Core has been engaged in a number of mediations involving health sector issues.

Mediation is particularly appropriate in health related matters, for example where patients or their families need an explanation, reassurance or acknowledgement, in addition to – or even instead of – monetary compensation.  Mediation offers medical professionals a means by which difficult and often complex issues can be dealt with expeditiously and non-confrontationally.

Other difficult matters such as relationships between medical professionals and the management or allocation of limited resources can be addressed using mediation’s structured and private problem-solving approach. We have worked with consultants, boards, health trusts, GP practices and others.

Issues covered include:

allegations of medical or clinical negligence
complaints about service generally
disputes or allegations between medical professionals, including consultants and/or administrators
concerns about allocation of financial, human or other resources
employment and workplace difficulties
internal management issues
running of GP practices


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