Personal Injury

Core has mediated in personal injury claims with a wide range of values.

Mediation has considerable potential to assist in the settlement of personal injury disputes by providing a process which is relatively informal, quick, forward-looking and cost-effective. This gives claimants and their advisers the opportunity to address important issues with the defending party, and with their insurers where insurance is in place to meet a claim.

For insurers, mediation can assist in providing a means to minimise costs and outlays, either by seeking an early settlement or by showing a claimant why a claim cannot be met. For both parties, it is an opportunity in a confidential setting to assess and discuss risk on each side, often leading to a pragmatic solution.

Clients include individuals, insurers, health trusts and local authorities.

Issues covered include: 

road traffic accidents
industrial, aviation and other transport accidents
workplace accidents
health and safety breaches
medical negligence claims

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