The general election may be passed but climate change is still with us. Reports that an oil company is predicting that keeping global temperatures to 2*C will not be achievable and is preparing for a future of higher temperatures have caused shockwaves. There is an urgent need to face up to these issues now, especially as we head for the vital COP 21 conference in Paris in December.

This week we are hosting a Multi-Party Dialogue to discuss the challenge of climate change, with special guest John Ashton CBE. Featuring a number of other contributors, it will be a fast-flowing, interactive day of expert input, group discussion and provocative insights on the topics of climate change, carbon reduction and the relationship with political, economic and social policies. 

Participants will take part in simulations of climate change negotiations and will represent a variety of interested parties, experiencing different perspectives and viewpoints. This promises to be something really different as we continue to try to show leadership and explore new ways of discussing these critical issues.  

John Ashton is a highly regarded speaker on climate change. He was a senior diplomat and former Special Representative for Climate Change at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is now a freelance writer and speaker on climate change and other political and economic issues.  

John was the lead diplomat for the UK Government at the climate change talks in Copenhagen in 2009. As John himself puts it: "For ten thousand generations we have walked this earth. Never in all that time have we faced a question that is more about who we are than climate change. Only if we treat it as a question about who we are can we summon the will to do what we have to do.”

For details and to register, please visit this page.


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