Ken Cloke: Conversations in Edinburgh

On a Saturday morning in Edinburgh in September 2017, Ken Cloke, one of the leading writers and thinkers in the field of conflict, joined with the founder and senior mediator of Core Solutions (and founder of Collaborative Scotland), John Sturrock, for a conversation about conflict, why it happens and how we all deal with it.

The conversation was one of a series entitled the Claverhouse Conversations and took place in a church hall in a community outside of central Edinburgh. It was an occasion where much warmth and wisdom was shared.


The conversation is broken down into four parts:

Part 1

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The civil rights movement in the US and the role of churches and the Vietnam anti-war movement and non-violent resistance.

Part 2

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The work of a mediator, powerful questions, understanding Trump and North Korea politics and the illusion of power, international negotiations, fatal errors and wrong choices

Part 3

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The human experience, different truth and stories, accusations and requests, organisational and systemic conflict, dialogue for small groups, global threats, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Part 4

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Forgiveness: 5 steps (continued), religion and the religious experience, the gift of diversity, spiritual common ground. Followed by Discussion: Working with children, psychology, forgiving self, turning loss into a gift, self-esteem, compassion for self, divinity of humanity, uniqueness, ego and humility.”

Further Information

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