Mediation Seminar for Solicitors

John Sturrock is hosting this pop-up seminar for solicitors to update on (and talk about) how to prepare effectively for and represent a client in a mediation.


Date and Location

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 | 8.30-10.30am | Central Edinburgh, Scott House 10 South St Andrew St 
CPD 2 hours

We will cover: 

  • Preparation for mediation: what needs to be done – and how to maximise the impact of your preparation
  • Engaging with the other solicitor: before and during the mediation day: how to get them to participate at all?
  • Effective representation: what is good advocacy in mediation and whether to do it with or without counsel
  • Engaging with the mediator: what works and what doesn’t? Do you need to influence the mediator? If so, how? What do you tell him or her?
  • What if the other side’s lawyer appears less than competent – or difficult?
  • Handling difficult situations: personality clashes, decision-makers not present, other side making threats, tensions within the team, voices outside the room, cultural, ethical and gender issues, etc
  • Drafting the resolution agreement: what to think about

As good as they come, seriously. A great many lawyers and non-lawyers would benefit from what you teach.

Lawyer | 2014 course participant


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