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Agricultural Tenants and Landlords

This webpage describes the availability of a mediation service to help address issues arising as a result of the Salvesen vs Riddell case.

We know that delay in commencing this has led to frustration and serious concerns about loss of time. As many of those affected know, Core has continued to work with the Scottish Government to try and expedite matters. We are pleased to say that the Scottish Government (SG) has now finalised the details of the mediation process which it has agreed to pay for.  SG has confirmed that it will pay for mediation even if the outcome is unsuccessful, providing that parties have acted in good faith during the mediation process.

Here you will find the SG summary covering the outcome of its deliberations in recent months. Its contents are important as it describes the process which is available.

If you are interested in exploring the option of mediation further, even on a without commitment basis, please do contact John Sturrock at 0131 524 8188 or

Here is a link to a guide about mediation that describes how the process can help in these matters.

The following are examples of a) the kind of agreement parties would enter into before starting a mediation and b) the kind of agreement that might be entered into if and when a satisfactory conclusion is reached in mediation:

It is important to note that these agreements would be modified to meet the needs of this particular initiative. 

This service is being overseen by Core’s senior mediator John Sturrock. Details of John’s biography and of our other mediators are available here

More information about mediation generally can be read here, and you will find our Code of Conduct here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Miriam Haboubi at miriam.haboubi@core-solutions, or call 0131 524 8188.

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