Better Conversations, Better Outcomes: Most Recent Episode

Commitment to Respectful Dialogue

This podcast discusses the eight principles in the Commitment to Respectful Dialogue, summarising many of the topics discussed in this podcast series. Consider how you might apply this to a difficult situation you are experiencing or which is known to you.


Podcast 20, 28/10/2020

Better Conversations, Better Outcomes: Past Episodes

Dealing with Difficult Situations 1:  AARREE

Discussion of a tool to help communicate with someone with whom you disagree


Podcast 1, 02/04/2020


Dealing with Difficult Situations 2:  AARREE (part 2)

Further discussion of a tool to help communicate with someone with whom you disagree


Podcast 2, 03/04/2020


Dealing with Difficult Situations 3:  CARE

Another tool to help communication with someone who is angry, upset or in dispute, condensing our mnemonic AARREE, from parts 1 and 2, into a shorter form: CARE


Podcast 3, 06/04/2020


Asking Questions (part 1)

Asking questions and getting under the surface is so important when dealing with difficult situations – or even just when we want to have a really good conversation. To do so well is a skill in itself.


Podcast 4, 09/04/2020


Asking Questions (part 2)

Further tips about asking really effective questions to enhance understanding and get under the surface, with many examples.


Podcast 5, 14/04/2020


Asking Questions as part of Preparation (part 3)

Preparing for a difficult meeting, negotiation or mediation?  These are the sorts of questions you might consider. Further tips for more effective conversations.


Podcast 6, 17/04/2020


Asking Questions (part 4)

Why am I asking this question of this person at this time in this way?  The best question of all?  What questions would you ask today’s decision-makers?


Podcast 7, 23/04/2020


Giving Feedback Using HPDREE

Giving really good feedback is an essential skill for all leaders, managers, coaches and others who work with people and wish to help them enhance their performance. Tried and tested, the HPDREE technique offers a structured, non judgemental and forward-looking way to achieve this.


Podcast 8, 04/05/2020


Some Deep Questions and Really Listening

A final session on questions, with illustrations of deep questions to enhance understanding – and discussion of what it takes to listen really well.


Podcast 9, 14/05/2020


Separating People From The Problem

Separating People From The Problem, one of the most important things we can do to help manage a difficult conversation and resolve conflict – but it is not easy! Here are some reflections.


Podcast 10, 21/05/2020


The Power of the Pause

In trying to be an effective communicator, the importance of pausing before speaking, responding or reacting cannot be over-emphasised but it is not easy to do. Here are some tips and some benefits.


Podcast 11, 29/05/2020


PRUDDIE – A Valuable Structure

Whether we are communicating, negotiating. mediating or problem-solving, it is really useful to have a structure to follow, to optimise our effectiveness and ensure a successful outcome. PRUDDIE is just such a structure, tried and tested over the years.


Podcast 12, 18/06/2020


Neuroscience, Mediation and Negotiation 

Our understanding of neuroscience and cognitive and implicit biases has increased greatly in recent years. This podcast explores how this learning is applied by a mediator to help parties to negotiate and mediate more effectively.


Podcast 13, 25/06/2020


Neuroscience, Mediation and Negotiation – Part 2

Part 2 of a discussion of important biases which affect the way we think, communicate, negotiate and mediate.


Podcast 14, 03/07/2020


Taking Stock

Taking Stock of the first 14 podcasts and introducing our online workshop series.


Podcast 15, 09/07/2020


Reframing – a critical tool in mediation, negotiation and life 

Reframing – words, ideas, proposals, reactions, responses and our view of the world – is really important. This podcast discusses reframing and other interesting ways to enhance your communications, negotiations and conversations.


Podcast 16, 16/07/2020


The Verbal, the Vocal and the Visual 

What we say (the words we use), how we say it (the use of our voices) and what we do as we speak (what others see) all contribute to the effectiveness of our communication.  In this, our first video podcast, John Sturrock discusses how we can avoid the communication chasm and highlights practical steps to ensure that we get our messages across so that what others hear is what we actually mean.

John has used video on this occasion and that helps to emphasise the point!  Contrast the audio with the video and see / hear the difference!  Which works better?  Why?


Podcast 17, 25/08/2020


The Power of a Positive No

Sometimes we need to say No to others. But it can be hard. How do we establish and hold on to what is really important to us, assert those things positively – and still maintain and build relationships, while finding acceptable outcomes for all concerned? Listen to this podcast!


Podcast 18, 09/09/2020



Finding objective ways to benchmark whether or not to accept an agreed outcome in your negotiations is critical. BATNAS and WATNAS are a great tool, derived from the Getting to Yes approach. You need to ask: “what will happen if…?” This podcast explores these themes.


Podcast 19, 06/10/2020

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