Ruminating on the economic crisis, global warming, consumerism and materialism, it seems to me that things are not as they should be. We should not be spending as much as we do, consuming the earthâ??s resources as we do, working as hard as some of us do, trying to keep up with the Jonesâ??, the Smiths or whoever…. We seem to be caught in an almost pathological, lemming-like flight towards an abyss.

Things are not as they could be if we….consumed less, enjoyed more of lifeâ??s simple pleasures, were under less pressure to achieve material success, sought to reduce our carbon footprints, used public transport more, stopped to pause and listen to our planet…and ourselves….

Things are not as they would be if we really understood what the scientists are telling us, moved from societal denial to collective awareness, found ways to hold intelligent conversations about the way forward, were more forgiving of mistakes and less inclined to find fault and blame for things which cannot be changed, realised that our interests coincide much more than they diverge….and each resolved to make a difference in our lives and to look for better ways.

I think we all know this… at a deep level at least. There is perhaps a need to tap into the radical restlessness which many of us feel….

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