On 22 January 2001, we launched Core with an event entitled "Communicate to Persuade." Now, 400 mediations and hundreds of courses and events later, we are celebrating ten years of Core with two key anniversary events on 20 January – and with a book Thinking Differently: Making a Difference Using Mediation.

Ten years ago there was very little, if any, commercial mediation in Scotland. It has grown, steadily, and this book seems an excellent way to celebrate and record not only the journey of a small business breaking new ground but also, perhaps, a road less travelled.

It records the experience of 30 individuals from a variety of professional and business backgrounds who have trained in mediation and conflict management skills with Core Solutions Group since 2001. It represents an inspiring reflection on the way mediation can change how we do things.

To their contributions are added the words of leading figures in politics and conflict resolution.

We will be donating proceeds from the book to the Edinburgh-based charity, Cherish Watoto Kenya, established to provide support for Cheryl’s Children’s Home for orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya.

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