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Learn how to mediate with leading UK mediators. Core’s mediation, negotiation and conflict management training courses and workshops assist leaders and decision-makers of all backgrounds to communicate effectively, manage differences and resolve disputes. We work throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Our courses and coaching are well recognised for the excellent standards they set and for the impact they have on participants. They include:

Our flagship Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills training course

Online Leadership Retreats

Specially tailored in-house training courses and workshops

Specialist coaching for individuals and teams

 Leadership Team Away Day facilitation service

For more on our consultancy and facilitation work, read here.

Core’s 10 year anniversary book, Thinking Differently: Making a Difference Using Mediation, features inspiring reflections from a number of our course alumni on the way mediation can change how we do things. You can download it here.

We’ve worked with:

 Banks and other financial services  SME’s  Major corporates  Professional firms   Local authorities  Health trusts  Universities  Charities  Parliaments and Government  Legal services  Various governing bodies

“One of the few training courses that actually changes employee behaviours and makes them think differently about dispute resolution and mediation’s place in the process. Colleagues have found the sessions challenging and inspiring and they have been able to use their learnings practically to improve customer service and their working environment when handling disputes.”

Jeff Hartley, Head of Group Customer Relations RBS, 2003-2015 

What they say about us

“Easily the most transformational course I have ever attended. The learning and skills developed have already paid dividends, unlocking some challenging situations and delivering results within days. John Sturrock and his colleagues are leaders in their field and freely shared their expertise with warmth, compassion and joy. If you have the opportunity to attend this course do all you can to make it happen.”
Oonagh Gil, Deputy Director, Scottish Government | Summer School Participant 2015

“This was without doubt the most energising, fulfilling, thought provoking and challenging course I have ever attended. The enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, commitment and belief shared by the course leaders was inspiring…I have come away with knowledge and understanding of a process which will be of huge benefit professionally and personally.”​
Alison Fleming, Director of Professional Services, University of Edinburgh | Summer School Participant 2015

“The format of the course allowed me to gain invaluable practical experience of negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills and techniques, [and]….the opportunity to connect with highly skilled, friendly and engaging professionals from business and the public sector. It was the most challenging and rewarding training I have ever undertaken.”
Spring 2015 Participant

“It is the best training course I have been on in twenty years, and well worth the price….one of the best ways to learn about Mediation and its benefits whilst also obtaining accreditation.”
Spring 2015 Participant

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the energy, intellect and enthusiasm you shared with us this week. Rarely do you get to be on a course with a facilitator who has such a broad range of knowledge and experience and is able to apply it in such a skilful, relevant and tactful manner.”
Senior Government Official

“I have undertaken many courses in my time, however I can honestly say that there is no course that compares with yours for making you stop and think and look inwards to challenge your own thinking and filters.”
Senior Health Professional

I have found the course to be a positive and inspiring experience, which has challenged my professional practices and caused me to consider what is important. It should be compulsory!
Senior Lawyer

“This was one of the most valuable learning experiences I have had in years. The presenters and other contributors were superb. Never seen better.”
Senior NHS Professional

“It sounds like a cliche but is nevertheless true: Core’s flagship Mediation and Conflict Management course was the best, most valuable and rewarding training course I have attended and is undoubtedly a hard act to follow.”

“As good as they come, seriously. A great many lawyers and non-lawyers would benefit from what you teach.”

“I thought the course was superb – one of the most fulfilling (albeit difficult) experiences I have ever had….it has made me think very differently about what I have been doing for the last 20 years … and may even have changed my outlook on life to a significant degree!”
Senior legal practitioner

“In 20 years of attending educational and skills training courses, I am happy to say that this was the most informative, useful and enjoyable I have yet been to.”
Partner, law firm

“Quite the best I have been on. I was genuinely very impressed. I can see that the techniques we were being taught were used in the conception and delivery of the course itself.”
Partner, professional services firm

“My colleagues both work on very high profile projects which require them to deal with a good deal of conflict and I consider your course to be the best there is in helping anyone to meet these challenges.”
Senior manager in major accountancy firm

“Excellent course. Entertainingly presented with high quality trainers. Has given me more cause for thought than most other courses I have attended. I increasingly became convinced over the course that mediation can and does work.”
Corporate adviser, oil and gas company

“I found the course exhilarating, extremely hard work and most thought provoking. This course has been far more useful as it concentrated very much on my development as well as giving me the opportunity of benefiting from others’ experiences.”
Senior manager in Top 3 accountancy firm

“I find the Core training to be the best I have experienced in my time in private practice because of the ability to get underneath the surface of what is going on.”
Partner in large law firm

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